Pure Aero VS String Setup

Hi all. I'm experimenting with string setups in my Pure Aero VS (finally bought a stringing machine) and would appreciate some suggestions for strings and tension. I haven't found a Pure Aero VS strings thread yet.

I have used Volkl Cyclone, VC Tour, RPM Blast and Rough, and Luxilon 4g at around 50-52 lbs. They all seemed pretty good but I'd like to settle on one eventually. I am looking for mainly control, spin, and comfort.

I'm in my 30s, am a current 5.0 and former D1 college player, and hit with heavy spin.


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If you'd like to do some extensive research to find what types of strings work best for you, I'd recommend ordering several packs of Pro's Pro strings. They make a comparison to brand name strings for most of their offerings. I only recommend this because you now have your own stringer. Pro's Pro strings don't last quite as long as other strings, but their reel prices are cheap. They play well and are great for practicing stringing.
I don't own a Pure Aero VS, but I've been playing with my Aerostorm GT for a lot of years. I found out that in my experience It works best with Yonex PTP and Solinco Hyper G. Alu Power also feels great but is pricier. Volkl Cyclone in my opinion just doesnt feel good in this frame, too stiff.