Pure Drive 2015 vs. Pure Drive 2012


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Im looking to buy a new pure drive but idk which one to buy. I used the pure drive 2012 when it first came out and man I was in love with it. But now that the Pure Drive 2015 is out and this new "FSI Technology" is in it Im not sure what to buy. Is the FSI technology the same thing as the WOOFER technology? And for the people that used the pure drive 2012 and used the 2015 why did they take away the glossy feeling from the 2012? I really liked feel to the racket, makes it have a smooth feeling.
Pure Drive 2015 is a bit more solid and the FSI just moves the sweet spot a little higher up the racquet. This helps mainly with serves.
I have both Pure drives, but personally I like the 2012 better. The 2012 felt like it had more control and a nicer feeling, while the 2015 had way more power and had the lighter/stiffer feeling. As far as the FSI tech, you do feel the difference as to where the sweetspot is, which is a bit closer to the top. I would demo it and use it for a bit to see if you can make the easy transition. These are my 2 cents :)


Yes the new pure drives are no longer gloss paint, they are now a semi matte finish. Actually all new Babolat racquets use this, and it wears down to be nearly semi gloss if you touch the frame (such as on takebacks)


Reviving this thread because I just got a 2012 Pure Drive from a friend and seems like compared to the 2015 Pure Drive, the 2012 is mushy and balanced differently. However, I do have a leather grip on the 2015 and it is a 4 1/2 grip vs. the 2012 which has 4 3/8 with 2 overgrips and a cushion grip underneath. I felt I had a lot less control over the ball and no feel whereas the other one felt like I knew exactly how hard I was hitting it. Has anyone else experienced this?