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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by LetsGoRoddick, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. LetsGoRoddick

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    Feb 20, 2010
    Hey, kinda a beginner here(streaky playing, maybe 2 months, then 3 month break, now back for a month).

    So my basic style of play is to put in a nice big flat serve that sets up my forehand. I feel good enough to control the points somewhat with decent placement(not pace) also, to set up an oppurtunity for a big forehand(flat). I feel like I can pass players at the net pretty ok at times too.

    My coach/instructor puts me at about 3.0(maybe 3.5 not sure), and I've been using a prince pro ti-200 for almost all of my playing time so far. It's an oversize racquet, 107in. Before that I used some crappy old dunlop which was absolutely terrible(falling apart pretty much).

    I'm looking to change racquets, to find something that is more comfortable than the prince I'm using now. The handle is kind of large(I have big hands, 6 ft tall), and I struggle to generate topspin comfortably with the large handle/grip size. Basically, I'm used to the racquet grip size, but it's still not my thing.

    So with the Pure Drive Cortex, I've done a bit of research and the playtesters felt that the Cortex offered some pretty decent control and was very comfortable, with an all around feel too it.

    -What I'm wondering about is the racquet head size. Would it negatively affect my game to get a 100' size?

    -Or would I be better off getting a 107' to ease the transition between racquets(maybe even a 110')?

    -(noob questions), do the Babolat racquets come pre strung? If not, what do you think is a good string tension for my level(my prince racquet is strung at 55-65 lbs)? Do new babolats come with a case?

    -Do you find smaller grip/handle sizes better?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I appreciate the help. Thanks.

    EDIT: I did the grip measurement with the ruler and the hand creases, it comes out to about 4 3/4 inches, when gripped on my racquet, my thumb overlaps with my pointer finger. According to a video, this means my racquet grip is too small, my grip would have to be even bigger!! >:O But it's still uncomfortable, should I stick with my current grip size or go smaller to gain comfort? I tried a 4 1/4" and it felt fine, maybe go to 4 3/8"?
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  2. TW Staff

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    Jan 21, 2004

    I do not think a smaller head size will have a negative impact on your game. The only issue with the Pure Drive Cortex only comes in a 4 5/8's. I think testing different racquet models and head sizes will only help you in your search for the racquet that suits your game the best. The Babolat racquets do not come pre-strung. If you do not have a string tension preference, I would recommend the mid range. Just make sure that you understand the differences between a tighter tension vs a looser tension. You should make your tension adjustments after your first test play with your new racquet. Most advanced tennis racquets do not come with a case. Personally, I think a smaller grip size is better for my game. I think a smaller grip size gives you a better chance to manipulate the spin of the ball.

    Danny, TW
  3. BobFL

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    Jun 11, 2007
    LGR, be careful with a grip size because Babolats do run bigger imo...
  4. LetsGoRoddick

    LetsGoRoddick Professional

    Feb 20, 2010
    thanks for your helpful responses.

    I have decided on the PDR GT+ as it seems to be better on the power aspect(tough for me to generate pace on non-winners), and the wide selection of grip sizes means I can go with the 4 1/4", which feels more natural to me, and allows me better flexibility(larger grip was bothering my wrist).

    As for strings, I will get the pro hurricane tour 16(don't have too much experience with strings/bit of a purist), for the durability/playability balance. I can buy strings and know of a stringer(my instructor lol) near where I live, so if they don't work out, it shouldn't be too tough to switch.

    I must say I am eager to see how the cortex brand works on court.

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