Pure Drive GT or Roddick GT for me??


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Hello! I've been demoing both the Pure Drive GT and Pure Drive Roddick GT and I seem to be stuck. I enjoy hitting both racquets. The PDGT has such a nice balance, and is light enough to be maneuverable while not being so light that it gets knocked around. It's also got a great amount of power and spin potential. The PDRGT, on the other hand, doesn't have quite as nice of a balance (in my opinion), BUT, it does seem to allow a bit more power and generates good spin. The other thing I notice with the PDRGT is that I generate a lot more top spin on my serves, thus I find them easier to control.

In summary, I enjoy the balance and weight of the PDGT a bit more than the PDRGT. The PDRGT seems to give me a bit more control on my serves. Both do well for me from the baseline.

Also, one small concern for me is if the heavier weight of the PDRGT will get tiresome over a long period of play, or if I'd get used to it.

Does anybody have an opinion as to which racquet might be better for me?

Thanks in advance!


go for the light one. Lead it up when you're ready. In fact you a lead up pdgt can be almost exactly like pdrgt


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1 vote for the roddick. I demoed both and felt a little more comfortable with the pdrgt, especially vs bigger hitters. I didn't notice a huge difference between the two on most aspects, but for me the pdgt fell just a hair short.


Another vote for the PDGT. I hated the Roddick version. Thought it was sluggish and played like a board.

I have 2 of the PDGT and have zero trouble with heavy hitters. You're better off with the reg version if you are better with it off the ground, unless you just rely on your serve that much. As others have stated, you can always make your PD heavier.


I never found them to be that different, even though the weight difference is 11.3 oz vs. 11.7 or 11.8 oz, which surprised me. Swing weights are fairly similar. Standard is a bit more mobile but not exceedingly so, and in my opinion feels a little bit better (not that either frame is exactly what you would call a "feel" frame). Roddick's higher static weight makes it better for blocking back shots and redirecting pace when playing defense.

Overall, not a huge difference. One of the rare instances where I personally like the light version better.

I usually use pretty standard heavier (12+ oz), thinner beamed frames, but have a lot of fun messing around with PD-type 11-11.3 oz frames. I'd think that a frame like the PDR would be the best of both worlds, but it really isn't, at least to me. You don't get the full benefits of truly heavy, usually a bit softer frame, and you don't really get the full benefits of a lighter, stiffer frame. That's not to say the the PDR isn't a decent frame.

I'm voting for the standard Pure Drive.