Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus - Demo - Need help

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by daddioX2, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. daddioX2

    daddioX2 New User

    Sep 4, 2009
    Hi, I'm new here... I'll put a little about myself at the end, but first I want to talk about the PDRGT+

    I'm currently playing with the KBlade Tour (93). I felt like I needed something with a bigger head, and with all the good reviews of the PDR I thought I would give it a demo.

    Actually I demo'd the PDRGT+ and the AeroPro Drive Plus Cortex.... note: both of these are the extended length.

    I had no problems with the demo process w/ Tennis Warehouse. This thread is all about the racquets.

    I don't think I was a good match for the Aero, but maybe it would take more time, I was leaving my ground strokes short, and I didn't play any games/sets w/ it, just hit for 45 min with a friend.

    So here is my thoughts on the PDRGT+ as it relates to my game, and I'm looking for your feedback.

    There was no disappointment here, maybe a little bit of control lost from my KBlade, but its a trade off. Obviously the feel is way different, but the balls were coming off the string with excellent power and spin and depth. My one hand topspin backhand and even my slice backhand were for the most part on target and I was happy with that. Actually I was very surprised with the quality of my slice, because I thought that was a deficiency of this racquet.

    Volleys again I had no problem with, I could mix it up with touch/slice volleys, or punching volleys. Maybe a little less maneuverable than my Kblade.

    Here's my problem. I was expecting the serve to be a big performer on this racquet. I found it to actually be a problem. I'm not sure if its the extra length or the different balance than I'm used to, but it just wore me out.
    I was playing a couple sets with a buddy (diff day than the Aero) and while I was able to get my serves in, I didn't get the same pop and precision that I'm used to w/ my KBlade. So by about the 3rd service game I started to realize that I was actually late to the ball on most serves and to make up for it I was trying to accelerate the racquet head quickly at the end of my motion to make up for it and get to the ball.
    I made this conscious correction and tried to get the racquet moving earlier and this just wore me out. About 3 games into the second set, my arm was done for. I just couldn't swing this thing anymore, and picked up the Aero to finish the set because it was lighter.

    So here's the questions... Is this typical? Should I try the standard length and not the plus? I'm 5'4" if that makes a diff.
    Should I try the regular pure drive not the Roddick, which is a little lighter?

    I thought I would be able to handle the weight because my KBlade is 11.7 ~11.8 ounce, but its considerably more head light.

    I'm not sure where to go from here. I need to find a racquet w/ a bigger head. I could try out some other Wilson's like the KBlade 98 or the Team, or the K Pro Open (100) or KPro Tour (96). Or try out the other Babolat's.

    Any thoughts? Go lighter in the Babolat world or try larger Wilson's??

    Any help is appreciated.

    OK about me.
    I'm 35, and play about twice a week. I'm probably a strong 3.5 or weak 4.0 player and would probably be a decent 4.0 if I played more often. I play more doubles than singles just because of the group that I have been playing with lately.
    My serve is my weapon, and a good forehand.
    Topspin Backhand is the weakest stroke, but my slice sometimes gets me out of trouble as well as into trouble (note: lazy use of the slice when I'm winded).

    Ask me any other questions you need to help form opinions. I'm willing to listen..
  2. sandflea

    sandflea Rookie

    Jul 10, 2007
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Try the standard length version. It's pretty typical miss timing your serve going from a standard length racket to an extended length one unless you have impeccable timing. I went the opposite direction, going from extended to standard and was dumping my serves short.

  3. jcwg74

    jcwg74 New User

    Jul 4, 2005
    I would open up your search beyond Wilson and Babolat. My game sounds very similar to yours, and the racquet at the top of my list to demo is the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tour. At 98 inches it would give you the head size increase you are looking for. It has gotten rave reviews on Tennis Warehouse, which is why it's on the top of my demo list.
    On the video review of the 300 Tour on TW one of the testers regularly plays with a KBlade Tour, and he comments on the differences between the two sticks, so definitely check that out.
    Good luck in your racquet search!
  4. daddioX2

    daddioX2 New User

    Sep 4, 2009
    sandflea, thanks, I think I will stick to regular lengths.
    jcwg74, thx, I will add the Aerogel D 300 Tour to my list of potential demo's. I'm going to go read the review's now.

    I've never played (extensively) with anything other than Wilson in a long time.
    I gave a prince a shot about 8 years ago for a season or so but ended up hating it and got rid of it.

    I grew up on pro-kennex bronze ace/silver ace/black ace. Then went to the Wilson Ultra 2 as a teen. Then after H.S. tennis faded for about 10 years.
    Before the KBlade I was playing w/ the Wilson Triad 6.0 prostaff.

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