Pure Drive Roddick + or Liquidmetal Radical MP

Liquidmetal Radical MP or Pure Drive Roddick +

  • Liquidmetal Radical MP

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • Pure Drive Roddick +

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • Look for another racquet

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Don't trade at all

    Votes: 1 7.7%

  • Total voters
i got an offer of two of his pure drive roddick + for two liquidmetal radical midplus?

i am a high school tennis player that plays all-around, although i prefer the net. i play doubles more often

which racquet should i get?

comments welcome

**EDIT** Don't vote for "don't trade at all" i myself own the radicals

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Depends heavily on what you like to use.
Their string patterns are quite different and it is important that you just play with whichever you prefer.
i heard from others that it would not be suitable for a high school player like me
maybe i will trade the two pdr+ for two pd standard w/cortex
in the mean time, i am going to demo the pure drive roddick + (hopefully)

does anyone know of any locations near north Orange County or south LA county that will let you demo racquets for free?
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