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Hi, has anyone tried both the 2015 Pure Drive and Pure Drive Tour? Background: in 2013 I bought my first true racquet, a 2012 Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95. I love it, but I find it quite low powered (I like to take full swings and unleash the power myself, but under pressure it is difficult to do so). It weighted 348 grams stock (strung and with overgrip), and I leaded it up to 378 grams (keeping the same balance): something improved, but now it is quite a club to move around, and I find myself a bit late specially with backhands (two-handed). Then I got something a bit lighter but with more swingweight, a Pro Staff 6.0 85 (re-issue): still find it a bit low powered and - there's no need to say it - quite demanding, even if it offers a really good manouvrability (stock weight, strung and with overgrip, is 368 grams).
I'd now want a easier but still 'pro' racquet, with more free access to power, but also quite stable and controllable. I have the Babolat Pure Drive in mind. Would you suggest the Pure Drive or the Pure Drive Tour (which should be the new Roddick version, but with standard length 27")? In any case I'd like to put some weighting to get ~340-350 grams and shifting the balance point more HL.
BTW, I'm 30 and started playing at about 10, but I used to play just 4-5 times a year for fun. In these last 2-3 years I started playing with renewed passion and much more frequently (2-3 times a week): I consider myself just more than a beginner, but I like practicing my technique with 'demanding tools'. I attended a dozen of tennis lessons with two different teachers, who didn't believe I hadn't taken part in any (club) tournament before.


The standard PD is a great racquet, and would seem to meet your requirements of power and control, but its stock weight says to me that there are going to be better starting units for your use.

The Tour version is a power monster. It is not a control monster. After the feel of your current stick, it will be culture shock. You may like it, but buying without demo would be folly.

Both are also much stiffer than what you are used to and this may lead to issues.

IMO the best choice in the Babolat line may be the Pure Strike Tour. Note Andy's comment in the TW review -

"In the hand it feels more like a Wilson Six.One 95, but when you swing it it performs like a more powerful Blade"

Other than that you might try the Wilson RF97A.


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You'd need the weight of the Tours.
Bear in mind, 71+ flex is going to be hard on body parts if you play a lot.
Nothing beats the PD serves, though.


I have both and prefer the Tour. It is much more solid.
BUT... I prefer the Super G 8 315 over both of the Pure Drives..
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I recently hit with all four versions of the new PD. My hitting partner and I both thought there was not a big difference in the Regular and Tour versions. I thought the Tour was a little more solid, the regular a little more manueverable, but nothing big.

They are both great sticks. By comparison I didn't like the Pure Strike or Pure Control at all.


Pro Staff 90 2012 I found has a lot more power than the 95 or the 2014 Pro Staff 90 if the head size isn't a problem.

Then again, the static weight isn't much different to what you have now, even if it's a little more head light.

I'd go with the Pure Drive and lead it up if it feels too light. Static weight on Babolats are fairly high though, so I'm not sure how much lead you can add to it tbh.

Demo first, of course. I can't play worth a damn with any version of the Pure Drive.


I just recently acquired a 2015 Pure Drive Tour. I need to string it up and hit. I haven't had the time recently. I'll post my observations between the two when I have a chance.


Thanks for all your answers/opinions. For Head users (who had also experience with Babolat and Wilson), how would you compare the Head Prestige MP to the Pure Drive and the Pro Staff power-wise?