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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Bama, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Feb 28, 2006
    Curious what others have found they liked in this racquet. I love the racquet but not with any kind of multi, gut, or hybrid. It has a really odd dead mushy feel with not a whole lot of control.

    But when stung with a full bed of Revenge it's a whole other animal. That's what I always go back to for this racquet. It has a nice crisp feel with an ideal blend of control and power for me. I've tried it with BHBR looking for a cheaper solution but it still feels mushier than with Revenge.

    Tried a lot of hybrid setups and could not find anything I really cared for. I have never had a racquet be so sensitive to the type of string you put in it. For me this racquet comes alive with Revenge. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since I've been told that the Racquet and String were designed for each other.

    Anyone think of any cheaper alternatives to Revenge that would have the same playing characteristics. BHBR, Kirshbaum Proline II, and RPM Blast all feel a little to muted in this racquet. It felt great for about 3 hours of play with ALU Power and then turned into an arm-wrecking 2x4. I string my own mostly, so I can live with Revenge but would not minding a cheaper alternative if there is one. Babolat doesn't give much of a break for buying a real unfortunately.
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    Oct 3, 2009
    I just recently switched over to the Pure Storm GT's (from Roddick GT's), so don't have a ton of experience with strings YET. Here are a couple of setups that I have tried so far, mostly hybrids of strings I had lying around and just used to experiment. One hybrid I tried just today for the first time and liked very much was WC Silverstring mains, Dunlop DNA crosses (both 17ga). It had a very nice feel, but still had enough crispness, control and power. Only hit with it for about an hour, so hopefully it will continue to impress me. I like the Silverstring very much and am probably going to try it out as a full bed at some point.
    A second favorite, kind of random hybrid was RPM Blast 17ga/Tnt2 17. This setup had tons of spin, lots of crispness, and was also very comfortable. The only problem was that it wore out pretty quickly.

    There were a couple of polys that I absolutely hated in this racket, although felt fine in my Roddick - Gamma Twist and Gosen Polylon. They felt totally stiff and board-like in the PSGT's.

    That's all for now.

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