Pure Storm Tour Gt review

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    Previously used racquet: Aeropro drive original with 2grams of lead at 3 and 9 each. Was strung with a polyester (usually one of gosens or babolat hurricane) at 56 lbs for both.

    To start, my play style with the aeropro drive was a strong serve and power groundstrokes with a lack of a net game.

    Why I got the Pure Storm Tour Gt: I didn't get to demo it actually and just kind of picked it because it had similar specs with a bit more weight and lesser powered, which I wouldn't have minded.

    With the Pure Storm Tour (Strung at 56 with the poly synth gut that tt offers for free)
    Serves: This was one of the hardest adjustments I had with the newer racquet. First, I couldn't get any power or spin on the serve, and I couldn't actually get a ball in either. Originally, I would just try to hit the ball as hard as I could and they would sometimes manage to get in with the Aeropro, but that didn't work with the PSTGT at all. After slowing down the speed a bit and making sure I hit up on the ball, I could get pace and spin on this ball easily.

    Groundstrokes: I had been having forehand problems while I was in the transition of racquets. I kept hitting forehands long and I couldn't control them. However, I have my forehand under control now and it's a weapon. Although it doesn't generate a huge amount of spin, I can get the ball with pretty good speed and depth. Also, varying the amount of spin is pretty easy as well. Backhands are a bit iffy right now (because of my technique) but when I do get them, they're pretty easy to get deep with good speed. Again, they lack an amazing amount of spin, but that might just be because of my two handed backhand.

    Volleys: This is where I think my game has improved the most with this racquet. With the aeropro, I just couldn't really hit a good volley. The only thing I could do with the apd is block the volleys back, and that's when I could maneuver the racquet to get the ball to hit the middle of the stringbed instead of the frame. With the Pure Storm Tour, I'm finishing a lot more points at the net with a volley or two. It's just easy to move around and it feels solid. When I do mess up a volley, it usually ends up being a pretty good drop shot.

    Misc: Frame hits don't feel that bad, especially compared to the apd. Hits close to the frame don't have much power at all and sit up completely, whereas the apd seemed to give it enough to at least give you somewhat of a chance.
    Slices have also become a pleasure to hit. They are easily controllable and aim. The only problems I really have with them is that if I try to add some odd side spin or something, it doesn't really work. It just acts like a regular slice, and I'm not sure it has enough backspin to do an odd skidding slice no matter how low I get it over the net.

    Overall: I'm loving the new racquet. I feel like the racquet has forced me to get better to use it properly. I recommend a demo at least, since it seems like a solid choice for an all around game. However, if you're a baseline basher or something of the sort and are unwilling to change, you can probably pass for something else.
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    Good review.

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