Pure Strike VS Tour, 2-Piece String Job?


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Two ways:
1. Start crosses with a starting clamp
2. Widen another grommet and use as a tie-off
Be careful with overlaps at the top since the channel is not very deep (strings will be exposed).


1 piece requires and ATW since the mains tie off at the throat. Use Google to find the Bab stringing instructions. Or use the KM site. The length of run for the tie off is unacceptable to me. You go from 8H to 12 H. Bab says to use 6H for a starting knot. If it were up to me, that is what I would use if I was stringing the frame. If you are installing anything but NG mains, that is what I would do. If you are using NG mains and poly crosses, I would consider the above suggestions, but would probably follow Bab's instructions unless you specifically to me not to.


If I’m not mistaken, the VS is the Pure Control/Pure Storm mold, which is 16x20.

2-piece is fairly straight forward, tie off at 3rd cross from the top. No widening needed as that’s the manufacture specified way of doing it.

1-piece doesn’t need an ATW because there are 8 mains in the throat.

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Hi neversaydienadalfan,

Yes, 2pc is fine.

The starting knot tie-off for PSVST is @11H, which makes it tricky because it's a cross. Here are a couple suggestions (mentioned above).

1. Feed cross string through 8H (1st cross), leaving enough string on outside of frame to reach tensioner. Use starting clamp to hold cross string on outside of frame @8H. Install & tension crosses as normal until you have a cross installed/tensioned & clamped @11H (or 13H) or until you've finished installing all crosses. Return to the string being held by starting clamp, feed into tensioner and pull/hold tension on it. Remove starting clamp. Before releasing tension, move machine clamp to 8H (on side where you used starting clamp). Once clamped @8H you can tie off @11H. Some stringers use this method for all starting knots because it reduces pressure on (& damage to) tie-off grommet, and it obviates the need for a bulky or complicated starting knot.

2. Use an awl to enlarge, say, the hole @9H (last main) and use that as your tie-off. This would likely void the warranty, but many stringers prefer to make their own tie-offs in order to optimize how the string sits/travels on the outside of the frame. Obviously, as [d]ragon mentioned, when going rogue w/tie-offs you'll want to watch for cross-overs or strings that otherwise pop out of the bumper groove.

Thanks so much you guys. Can I ask if I'm stringing a full bed of rpm blast 17 gauge in my pure strike vs tour, does it really make a difference if I do one piece or two piece? Are there pros or cons either way? Thank you.