Pure Strom Tour GT strings?


I currently use Babolot pure storm tour gt and I would like to hear what strings you guys think would feel nice in it. I like the crisp feel of polys and i also like power.

Strings i have tried.
~Black codes 16@60lbs
~Lux adenaline 16L/Gamma revolation 16@60lbs
~Red codes 17@60lbs
~Big Hitter blue rough 17@60lbs
~solinco revolution 16@60 lbs

Have, but not used yet
~Sigma pro poly plasma 16
~Solinco tour bite 16L
~Volkl Cyclone 16

out of the strings i have tried i like the feel of Solinco revolution but the power and spin of BHBR.

Any strings that you found that have both of those?

Also any string setups that you guys like in this racket!



I play with the same frame.
I liked a lot Black Magic because a great combination of feel and power.
I now play with typhoon that gives me a little more control and spin.
my 2c
I use the plus version and go to string has to be Alu smooth or rough. I'd also highly recommend going a bit lower tension wise. I'm usually between 48 & 55 depending on how i'm feeling. Really is a fantastic racquet!

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Black Magic at around 55#s could be an incredible experience.

I was using Pro Hurricane (regular) and it was too stiff of a combo for me.


The main reason why i go for such high tension is because it gives me a more crisp or solid feel but i may try 55lbs next.