QF : Federer vs Berdych

Well ?

  • Fed in 3

    Votes: 39 32.8%
  • Berdych in 3

    Votes: 7 5.9%
  • Fed in 4

    Votes: 44 37.0%
  • Berdych in 4

    Votes: 14 11.8%
  • Fed in 5

    Votes: 10 8.4%
  • Berdych in 5

    Votes: 5 4.2%

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That last point to break was vintage Fed - serious defence, not getting pushed back, and pouncing on the 1st chance, and the bh is back.


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If Fed is to win this match, he will have to do it with his B/C game - he will need to play with a ton of variety - can't go toe to toe with Tomas tonight.
Let's hope he's mature enough to do this. Hasn't been the case in the past.


Fed is making him heavy footed with his depth, all berdych needs is a red nose and a bottle of seltzer to squirt the crowd


Good stuff from Rog. He's moving fine, no issues - just not hitting the ball well enough in the early stages. He's managed to hang on in this set, now needs to level up!


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Wow. Thought it was a bad sign that Fed got worked up about the Hawkeye thing, but I guess it got the juices flowing. He breaks, looking much better.

I hope he keeps going like this and keeps the pressure on with a love service game to make it 5-5 ...


Yeah everybody can see that. But you said "if he gets a look" so I pointed out that Berdych was giving him plenty of 2nd serve.
What I meant by if he gets a look is simply: if he gets a look. Or look(s). :p

Didn't mean to imply that Berdych hadn't given him looks. Just saying that, moving forward, if he gets a look, he should try and attack. No deeper meaning to it.


Wow. That was some big time shot making. Haven't seen any of that in any of his previous rounds. Color me impressed.


Glad to see him get the break back, but I can see that Federer is nervous yet. Hasn't found his range yet.


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Federer got the momentum now, playing a lot better. Still not looking potent off the ground but his Santoro-esque junkballing is doing the trick.


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Liam Grennon

Absolutely ridiculous that fed would try to stop Berdych's momentum by talking to the chair umpire. Are you kidding me? Because he couldn't see the Hawkeye he should get a challenge back? Fed knows he's not going to get it back so just because he's worried he's going to lose the set he pulls that?