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Discussion in 'Strings' started by illzoni, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Nov 5, 2012
    I have several questions about hydrid stringing patterns. Mostly, I'd like to establish some baselines from which to experiment.

    I've only been stringing a couple of months, but sure do enjoy it. My primary 'customer' is my son, 11yo. From what I can tell, I tend to be pretty spot-on with my tensions, as I'm pretty detail-oriented. We've been using syn-gut for my son's racquets. He currently has three identical racquets (we got a good price here at TW), allowing me to play around a bit. I've been gradually working up in price with Wilson, starting with their Synthetic Gut Extreme 16 to their Extreme Octane 17. My son does seem like a bit of a string breaker and that was a big reason for getting our own machine. He seems to break mains most often (always?).

    Here go the Qs:

    Is it most common to break mains (versus crosses) when playing with a full-bed head?

    When stringing hybrid, which half (main or crosses) controls most of the feel? Power? Control?

    How does different tension between crosses and mains affect generation of spin?

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    In a hybrid with poly in the mains, it's tricky to predict which strings will pop first, since the poly is tougher than a typical multifiber or synthetic gut cross. In a bed of full syn. gut for example, the mains move back and forth against the crosses, so the mains take wear or "sawing" at individual points and are usually the first to go (the mains take that "sawing" in pretty much every string bed regardless of string types).

    Some hybrids with skinny poly in the mains may see those mains snap before the crosses when a big hitter is really wailing on them. Other players with slightly less horsepower will often have the crosses eventually wear down before the mains after extended use.

    Our pals here will have more specific input concerning the crosses vs. the mains having more influence over feel, power, and spin, but I look at it in simple terms. I'd say that the mains have about two thirds of the overall influence over things compared with the crosses, but the possibilities of hybrid combinations are more than numerous as far as string types and tensions go.

    Poly strings are on the tougher, stiffer end of the spectrum and don't require the same tension as syn. gut or more resilient multifiber to be firm and controllable. Often times a hybrid with poly mains crossed with let's say a multifiber will have the poly tensioned 10% lower than the multi so that it's not too rock-hard. Individual tastes will vary here big time, though. Some players who use let's say a poly main/syn. gut cross hybrid like to have both strings at the same tension - maybe 56 or 58 lbs.

    I'm not a fan of a flimsy feeling string bed, but some wisdom points toward better spin production in a setup having poly mains when that poly is installed at a lower tension so that it can move a little at contact and "snap back". I prefer either 16 or 17 gauge syn. guts in my frames. The thinner options seem to deliver better feel with less "clunky-ness" and there may be a little better bite on the ball with 17 ga. string as well. I get more control and maybe some extra spin in these "non-polys" at higher tensions. I string at home, so I don't worry about durability - syn. guts are ultra affordable.

    Trial and error produces a lot of the wisdom we eventually go with. I once sampled a hybrid with a soft multifiber in the mains of a soft, heavy racquet and put a poly in the crosses at very moderate tension. I thought this would give me a soft yet controllable setup, but even in the crosses, the poly made the string bed feel like a brick-on-a-stick. Knowledge is power... I don't need the poly options, so I don't worry about experimenting with them anymore.
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