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    Jan 2, 2006
    I am a high myopic (-5 diopters) with astigmatism too... yep, am the classic nerd. I recently decided to try toric contact lenses under the assumption that they'll help in better peripheral vision while on the tennis court. I am still in the process of adjusting to the lens.

    Q1 - Does anybody use toric lenses and has it improved clarity of vision, depth perception etc while on the tennis court?

    When I used to wear eyeglasses, they used to be of the photochromic variety, so my eyeglasses used to double up as shades on sunny days on the tennis court. I am now experimenting with sunglasses and am trying out a $10 cheapo wrap-around sporty pair of sunglasses. Somehow, it appears that my depth perception is way off and I lost 6-0, 6-1 y.day to a tennis buddy with who I am equally matched.

    Q2 - Is there some brand/model of sunglasses which are better for racquet sports such as tennis, whr hand-eye coordination is of paramount importance? They need to be sturdy, provide the right kind of protection (block UV-A, UV-B and all that stuff), wrap around the eyes and not compromise on quality of vision. What should I look for in selecting a pair of sports sunglasses (e.g. are polarized lens in the sunglasses important)? Bolle, Oakley, etc or any equivalent brand is fine.

    [I did peruse through the other thread on sunglasses...].

    Pls share your thoughts and suggestions.


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