Quake in Japan!


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The equivalent of 136 Hiroshima Bombs radioactivity so far leaked and counting..
and this is the offical statement from the Japanese Gov. Hardly known for its capacity to exaggerate figures .

Its going soso in the 'cleanup'


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what do the bumper stickers on your Prius say?
I drive a different set of wheels.

Ollinger, what does your preoccupation with silly irrelevant comments say?

136 Hiroshimas is no small amount of radiation and the time it takes for the radiation even to half , well ,you may want to pay attention to this.
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Why would someone resurrect a thread with such title. For a moment I thought there was another earthquake happening now :mad:

Why people do such cruel things. :mad:

BTW, sorry but I don't trust David Suzuki.


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The quake caused extensive damage incl. nuclear power plant failures and melts..
the reactors at ***ushima are still leaking. Thats why the thread is still current i guess.