Question for Chris about cap grommets

I currently play with a Tecnifibre TFight DC 315 LTD 16x19 and my grommets are worn on top... is it possible to replace with cap grommets from a head prestige pro? Word on the street is that the Prestige Pro the exact same mold and drill pattern as the Tfight... Plus, it would be nice to add a little more swing weight to the frame.
Thanks in advance!
Count me as also being interested if there is a version of Prestige Pro CAP grommets that would fit. I was just thinking about this last week and thought about putting up a question here on the boards, so thanks to donnayblack99 for taking care of it!

I was thinking about the version prior to the DC, but I believe the molds are the same so it should not make a difference.


I don't think so, because the TF has the mains starting at the throat, where the Prestige Pro has the mains starting at the head.