Question for Chris: New Pure Aero vs Pure Drive


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Hi Chris,
I currently use a tail weighted, 11.7 ounce 2013 APD. I never liked the feel of the old Pure Drives and the old Pure Aero killed my wrist, felt sluggish and for me, had poor control. (It did serve well and obliterate the ball on ground strokes, though...). Can you possibly compare the new Pure Aero with the current Pure Drive and perhaps also with the 2013 APD? Briefly, of course . Thanks

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I get the most direct feel from the APD. Second would be the new Pure Aero. The Pure Drive has a more open and forgiving feel to it but is not as direct for me. I like hitting touch shots and precision shots the most with the APD and the new Pure Aero. The Pure Drive is a tad more forgiving for me from the baseline. I'm splitting hairs here of course as all are close in response. For instance, I can get ample spin and power from them. I imagine my PlaySight numbers would be pretty much unchanged switching between these racquets. However, if you prefer a bit more feel from the stringbed like you get from the APD then the new Pure Aero is worth a hit.
Hope that helps.
Chris, TW