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I just love these sticks and it is nice that the Pacific replacement of the M Comp 95 was actually an improvement. Really curious if the BX2 version of the X Feel pro 95 is also slightly improved? A friend borrowed my prestige to hit with me last week then I told him my new stick was even more pinpoint control oriented. He didnt believe me till I started running him from line to line every rally. Then He tried out one of my Xfeels and he felt it was ultra demanding compared to the Presitige IGMP. Seriously how many other mid plus frames can boast that they are considerably more control oriented than a Prestige MP?

I think it is good for the game.

great stick.

curious as well if the BX2 95 has changed much.

my guess is it hasn't.

rac rafter

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As mentioned before in other threads, the 18x20 version of the X Force Pro, as well as the X Force Lite, are from the VT98 mold, which covered the Pro Number One through ~ 2004 (on the left below).

The X Force and X Force Pro are from the Fischer Pro Number One mold that started in 2004 with the 'Pro Number One FT' (aka Frequency Tuning), on the right, and continued through to the M-Pro Number One. Note the change in throat, then compare to the X Force Line:


But, to answer your question, the 'Zero Tolerance' is only offered on the X Force, X Force Pro (16x20), and X Feel Pro 95.