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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Slappy, Aug 13, 2007.

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    For the last 20 years I've always had another stick of the same model as a backup. Pretty normal, I know. But, in every single case, I can not only tell a difference in the two, but will always prefer one to the other. My most recent example (Volkl DNX 10 Mid) is extreme enough that I'm halfway considering dumping the newest one and ordering another. Is this normal? Should I seek physchiatric help?
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    very interesting, haha. i carry two of the same racquet but with different size handles. i generally like using my size 3 more, but not and then i like the 4 more. so maybe i am really wierd too. o well. but i don't know what it is about having 2 identical racquets but liking one over the other. unless one racquet plays differently it is obviously all mental.
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    May be mental (and that is likely the case), but manufacturers don't always make identical racquets. In fact, the only racquets that have extremely strict weight expectations are the Fischer No Tolerance racquets. They are guaranteed to be a certain weight (within a gram). As for other manufacturers, frames can weigh quite a bit different from each other (there's a guideline, but it is not within a gram). Frames may have slightly different flex ratings as well. This is normal, but there are services out that that can customize your racquets to be precisely the same specs as each other (or close to it). Sometimes it's the luck of the draw to get frames that feel close to each other without customization. Hope this helps.
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    Its not really a mental thing. As we get used to different things on different levels..

    Back when I played seriously, I had at one time up to 6 sticks in my bag. All the same frame, all the same weight, all the same strings, ect ect, but it was one racquet that I used so much more than the others that had a handle butt that was warped on one side, because of the way I held down on the end of the handle..

    It became my favourite of the six, and although I was forced to use the others from time to time because of broken strings ect. I always sweated on that one frame to be back in my hand as I felt funny with the others.. ..

    In saying that, if I had to change, I didnt have any problem with the others, but I could tell if one of them was even an oz out in tension, but it was never enough to put me off.. It has always been the feel of the frame that I rely on the most..

    I still have that racquet sitting proudly at my parents house back in Australia, and boy oh boy I got my money's worth out of that frame.. She looks like a warrior that saw alot of action.. I went 2 years unbeaten in social comp singles play with that frame, so it will never leave my ownership ever!
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    I have the same problem with my o3 whites, I have modified the second one to the same weight and balance point but it still just feels wrong. feels slow and clumsy compared to my main stick.

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