Question for Troy, Chris or Granville...

In your experience, have you ever gotten elbow pain from an ultra flexy frame? I've been "testing" the Prince Phantom Pro 100P, and I've been experiencing slight elbow pain after hitting. I've taken her out about 4 times so far- 2 times each with different string jobs. I'm a 5.5-6.0 former college player and I know my mechanics are probably not the issue. I'm wondering if this frame is TOO flexy for my arm. I love the comfort of the PPP100P...

I've tried the frame with a full bed of Alpha Gut 2000 17g @ 42 lbs... that was a cannon and I had no control from the bed. Then I tried a hybrid of Babolat Origin in the crosses @ 50 lbs. and Hyper G 18g in the mains @ 47 lbs. I found this to have more control than the full bed of multi, but I'm still having slight elbow issues which I never really had since playing with my trusty Pro Staff 6.1's back in college.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I don't want to give up the frame too soon, because I think it would be a perfect match for me, but I feel as though TOO much flex might be the culprit. Does this make sense to you guys? If so, what direction should I go...?

TW Staff

If you have made the switch after a long run with the 6.1 then it could be more the change in specs and your arm getting used to that change than the racquet itself. I would suggest getting some res/ice and trying again when you feel healthy. Hopefully that does the trick. If not then a change of racquet might be in order.

Wishing you the best of health,
Chris, TW.