Question for Troy re: PS90/PP100P

Hey Troy / @TW Staff -

In your review of the 2014 Pro Staff 90, you comment that "I would have a dream racquet if they could pack this type of solid and responsive feel into a 98 square inch headsize." And later in your review of the Prince Phantom Pro 100P, Troy says "I feel like this is what an old Federer Pro Staff 90 would play like in a 100 square-inch head size. All this racquet needs is more mass in the handle and a leather grip to match the Pro Staff 90 specs, which I will soon be experimenting with."

Did you get a chance to weight the PP100P and make a few direct comparisons between the two? Any other thoughts between the racquet similarities or differences?

A more forgiving 100 sq inch box beam looks really appealing! Thanks for any insight you can provide.

TW Staff

I did add weight to the PP100P, and I believe the specs ended up right around 12.5 oz, and 335 swingweight. I really liked the feel, stability, spin, comfort, and huge sweet-spot. There were times where the racquet felt a bit flexible for my liking, but it was still very stable with the added weight. I was able to play pretty well with the customized PP100P, but in the end I was craving some added control. I think that this racquet would have worked for me with a more dense pattern, like a 16x20, or an 18x20 would have been interesting. With the 16x18 pattern, I think I would need the headsize to be a bit smaller, like 97 square inches, for me to get the level of control I like. The Pro Staff 90 has surgical precision, and the stiffness is right where I like it, in the mid 60's but not uncomfortable. I love the feel of the Pro Staff 90, but the headsize isn't big enough for me to feel confident playing competitively with. I think the PP100P is a great option for those looking for a lot of control and feel, with a very forgiving sweet-spot. In the end I was left craving just a bit more precision.
Troy, TW