Question for Troy- Volkl V Sense 10 Tour

Hi Troy,
I recently demoed this racquet, and while I enjoyed hitting with it, I also felt that it could use a bit of weight. I was wondering if you could tell me more about how the Almagro spec version played? I think his specs are a bit much for me, but I was thinking of customizing it to around 12.1oz with and getting the swingweight up to around 335. Thanks in advance!

TW Staff

That is actually not far from the specifications, from what I remember, that the Almagro racquet had. I believe the specs on his pro-stock version, that we had a chance to hit with, were about 12.2/12.3 ounces, and about a 335 swingweight, when strung. His version also had a leather grip on it, which adds about 10 grams (~0.35 ounces), to the racquet compared to a synthetic grip. I think that adding some weight to the racquet, is a good idea. I would likely start with a leather grip, and a few inches of tungsten, or lead tape, around the 3 and 9 o'clock locations on the hoop. I will usually add a bit of weight, try it out on court, and then add/remove weight, depending on my experiences.

Troy, TW