Question for Troy

Im looking at both the Phantom Pro 100P and the New Vcore 97 Pro 310. Specs are almost identical except for the flex. I’m interested in your thoughts in how they compare and contrast in terms of power, feel and plow. I hate adding lead to my frames and I’m looking for something solid in stock form. Thanks in advance.

TW Staff


The VCORE Pro 97 (310) has some added control, and a bit more of a firm/crisp feel. I found the comfort to be good, but not as comfortable as the Phantom Pro 100P. I was surprised to find decent stability with the VCORE Pro 97 (310), for having a lower weight/swingweight, compared to my usual spec. That being said, the plow is better with the Phantom Pro 100P. Although the VCORE Pro 97 (310) feels like it has a bit more pop on the ball (due to the stiffness), I achieve easier depth on groundstrokes with the Phantom Pro 100P. If you want a bit more control, maneuverability, and a crisper feel, then the VCORE Pro 97 (310) might be the better choice. The Phantom Pro 100P provides more comfort (although comfort is good with the VCORE Pro 97 310), better plow through, and a slightly more plush feel. I hope that helps.

Troy, TW