Question on a prototype I held at TW in May ...


When I paid pilgrimage to TW HQ in May, Chris, Jason & other crews showed and let me hold a black "prototype" of a racket brand using a famous mold ... if you remember what it was.

It's got a very nice balance. Feels solid in hand. Seems like a very interesting stick.

I'd like to know what's the status like. Any further info from the manufacturer about its development or release?

If this cannot be answered in the forum, I'd welcome a personal message.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

TW Staff

We have over 60 black racquets in here right now from various brands so it's hard for me to remember which one without more specifics.

Was it a midplus player's racquet with a dense pattern? I think we may have had two of those kicking around the office on your visit -- each with a lightly different lay up. Both circa 12oz, 328 swingweight and an RA in the low 60s.

This year we have literally been flooded with protos, finished racquets without cosmetics and other racquets that are blacked out for various reasons.

If it sounds like the above mentioned spec, then we have not heard further development since providing feedback, which is not unusual as it is from a brand that takes its time during development.

Chris, TW


Thanks, Chris. And a Happy New Year!

IIRC it was a "midsize", dense pattern player's with something in the weight range. Or may be a midplus as the black color may have caused the illusion of it being small.

Anyhow, I wouldn't surprised, too, if you haven't heard of further development, as the brand is pretty "famous" for being so quiet and slow, even to not correctly update its websites ... :lol: