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I was wondering about the timing and logistics of how colleges schedule matches. In some conferences, all schools have tennis teams, so probably half the matches are conference matches. Other conferences may only have 6-7 teams that play tennis.

Are some non conference matches regularly scheduled matches that happen each year? How do the mid majors get matches with ranked teams? I assume the mid majors have to travel to play ranked teams at their homes. How many matches are made at short notice so teams reach their 51% wins? It seems some teams schedule against teams where it will be an absolute blowout. You would think teams would schedule with teams where they had a high chance of winning but at least the match would be like a practice. It seems some no name mid majors may play 3-5 ranked teams, and other mid majors about the same level only play ranked teams in their conference. Maybe it is all about the budget the mid major teams have for travel. I see some mid majors fly from coast to coast in fall and spring and others just travel to play teams within a 6-7 hour driving distance. Some teams may have a great schedule one year and no ranked teams the next. We watched one mid major almost knock off a ranked team last year losing 3-4 with the decision coming down to line 6 in 3 sets. Then this year that team plays no ranked teams outside their conference. Some teams that get matches, I wonder if they are just lucky that their team is just off 95 or 75 so other teams will play them on their way to or from Florida. Do coaches look for fill in matches for their road trips? Is the number of matches played based on budget and/or academic strength of university, e.g. do tough schools schedule fewer road matches outside conference.Just curious how it works.
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Its been a few years since I have been involved with it, but basically there are obligations to play Regional Matches as well as conference matches. So, Southern Conference schools may get a match with an SEC or ACC school as part of their schedule because of being in the same region (Southeast). Its really up to the coaches to coordinate and arrange outside of their normal conference schedule. ETSU recently went down and played Georgia as an example, or OSU with Toledo a month ago. For Mid Majors, a lot also depends on how aggressive the coach wants to be with scheduling and what sort of budget they have to travel. And Mid Majors in turn schedule matches with D-2/3 or NAIA schools. We would plan out a spring break trip (during our off week) and have on our schedule any school that was available along the route. Some schools may be rivals or have a history or rivalry and so they schedule a school out of conference. If your a mid-major and can get some good D-1's on your schedule it will certainly persuade players to come to your program so coaching at that level you are always trying to hustle bigger conference opponents. Coaches also have to take into account the amount of time they use for players as I believe there are now tighter restrictions then before. A Home match against a mid-major doesn't take up as much time as traveling somewhere and playing so playing a home match for a Clemson, Georgia, or Wake Forrest doesn't take up as much time as traveling to other high level D1's.