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So any play tester, I’m 4.0 senior player , gym rat so still quite strong , obviously speed is not the same. I have begun to play the Yonex E Zone 98 + and have previous version the DR 98 +
Question is what would be the optimal string for these racquets
Rating as above eastern forehand, two handed back hand ,can one hand slice
Looking for a bit more spin, cost not a major factor
And your recommendations are.

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I have been using the EZONE 98+ a lot lately, as well. I have been enjoying Solinco Hyper-G 16L, strung in it about 46 pounds. It provides a lot of control, and spin, and the lower tension helps to keep it from making the racquet feel too stiff. If you are looking to add more comfort, I have tried a natural gut hybrid in that racquet, and it plays amazing. I used Babolat Tonic+ 16 in the mains, with Luxilon ALU Power 16L in the crosses. I strung this at 54 pounds in the mains, and 52 pounds in the crosses (on a mechanical lock-out machine). This hybrid provides great all-around performance, and has amazing touch and feel. I suppose the downside is the cost, but if that is not a major factor, then it could be well worth it.

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I’m a big fan of Weiss Cannon Ultra Light 17L. I’m 68 and use it in my 2013 APDs. Great control and comfort. I’m also in really good shape .

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