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    Hi i'm new here, and i have a question. I am a really good tennis player and had the opportunity to play with Sania Mirza in India. I was offerred a deal from Luxilon which i happily took without even having a ranking because their representative saw me playing. Back in the US i had no time to travel and play tournaments becuz i'm a good student at an extremely difficult school. But i've been offerred a full time job at a tennis club in New York City, and was wondering my chances at a racuet deal. I am also going to play tennis at either the d1 or d3 and then transfer to d1 level. What are the deals for d3 players? thanks so much! :)
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    Mar 18, 2004
    for babolat any college tennis players can get their in player preffered program, but if you are going to play college tennis, then your coach could probably hook you up with a good deal

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