questions about Pure Strike Project One7 16x19


Hi all, I'd love to get some insights about the 2nd gen Pure Strike 16x19 since it's on sale and I'm a sucker for good racquet deals.

I realize marketing is a thing, but this racquet received so much rave reviews even from retailers outside TW. For those who have used it, or continue to use it, did the racquet match the hype? It also seems like there is a group of people who have experienced arm/wrist pain from this racquet. However, I'm relatively used to playing with stiffer frames. Racquets in the similar vein I've used are -

Yonex Vcore SV98
Yonex Ezone 98
Wilson Blade 98S CV

So compared to racquets like the above, does the Pure Stike one7 really have some standout qualities that make it a special racquet? If the arm/wrist issues did not exist would you have continued to use it to this day?



Both Yonexes above are more comfortable than the 2nd gen Pure Strike 16x19. But I don't quite jive with the isometric head shape. The Pure Strike 2017 mold has a lot going for it, I think it really blends classic/modern beams.

It is a very high twistweight racket in stock form (15) so that's great if that's your thing, it's not my thing. I think the Ezone 98 is more comfortable and I found more potential serving with it, but the really thin throat coupled with the thick beam at the tip of the frame was too weird for me to want to adjust to. The SV98 is probably a bit closer to the Pure Strike. Can't speak for the Blade.


Why do you prefer the lower twist weight ? I noticed some f the yonex tend to have a lower TW.
I have a one handed backhand and find it much easier to prepare early and sufficiently accelerate through when the TW is within a certain range- I've learned to look for 11-13.5 on a stock racket. Kick serves are also easier to accelerate through with a lower twistweight. But the stability benefits of higher TW are not nothing. Higher TW with decent stiffness helps counteract heavy incoming spin in my exp.

Have to echo what was said above, P17 was comfortable/no problem until one night it started to hurt my arm. Not sure I would have stuck to it as I came to realize I just prefer low TW rackets in any case.


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The Project One Seven is GREAT racquet. You may want to pick up a few while they are going out cheap now. The new Pure Strike is good but not quite the same. Not sure what Babolat did with the PO7 but I wish they would keep doing it.


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I'm gonna echo the sentiment that the pure strike is an awesome blend of spin, maneuverability and power. Felt like I could hit serve bombs, heavy groundies and it was whippy and effortless on defense. But it's stiff, no doubt about it. It did match the hype at the cost of my elbow niggling (I'm only 23 as well). The rackets you have listed are nowhere near as elbow niggling-inducing as the PO7. I too would have still played with it if my elbow was 100% okay. Just like the two posters above, it felt comfortable until it suddenly didn't. Note though I was playing it with full bed RPM blast.


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I play at the 4.0/4.5 level with the PO7 18x20 as my main racquet for over a year and have a long history of shoulder issues, confirmed rc and labral tears. Believe it or not the PO7 is one of the only frames out of probably 10-15 I have tried over the last few years that *doesn’t* hurt my shoulder badly.

I think it is something about the static strung weight being around 11.2-11.3 oz and only 3-4 pts HL and almost even balanced. Other racquets that hurt my shoulder have a slightly heavier static weight from 11.4-12.0 oz and are usually 6-10 pts HL so most of the weight is in the handle but the extra swing weight puts more strain on my shoulder. I’ve been fortunate and don’t have elbow or wrist issues.

I also string my PO7 with the hybrid kit vs touch / rpm blast. Usually around 58/56, sometimes even 60/58. I think the NG really helps. I have also experimentEd with a full bed of YPTP 1.20 - it’s nice but doesn’t last as long and loses tension faster.

All in all, I think it’s a solid racquet. Most people seem to have been injured from this frame but it’s actually helped my injury. Great for doubles. Very fast through the air, and extremely maneuverable up at net. I serve much better with PO7 than all those other frames that are heavier and more HL. Also for me it’s easier to hit OHBH’s. My only knock has been off center volleys, a little lack of stability. I feel it could use weight at 3/9 to help which I have experimented with a little but it negatively impacted other areas for me so I’ve just dealt with it.

Hope this helps...