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    I recently had two new racquets strung and noticed something strange. Around the hoop, the string went over some of the string dividers/directors on the grommets (don't know what they're called). Again this only happened at some of the dividers but coincidently it happened at the same exact spots for both racquets. Is this a problem? Is it the stringers fault? Will it set in place once I start using the racquet?
  2. diredesire

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    Mar 16, 2004
    Where exactly on the hoop was this? Was it on the lower sides, near the throat? Or was it near the head? This isn't exactly an issue in itself, but it's considered to be slightly sloppy style. At the top of the frame, in the bumper guard, this can be an issue on thin/shallow channeled BGs (such as the Head Ti.Radical) because the overlap can cause the string to jut out slightly. This leads to marring/damaging the strings on low digs.
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    Both lower sides, near the throat and at the 2oclock position where the string was tied but none of them jut out past the BG. Should I just push the strings to either side of the divider so they set in place or leave them?
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    I'd leave them alone unless they are easily moved. Most of the time the strings that lay on top of the dividers are there because that's where they wanted to go when the tension was pulled. It will probably be hard to move them without damaging them. Most of the time when I string a frame with those dividers, I try to get the string to lay the way it was intended to, but sometimes they just don't want to go there for one reason or another. It shouldn't hurt the way they play at all.
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    lol how would i know... maybe cuz they're speechless ;)
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    sometimes the dividers are soo small that the strings just lay on top of them...just as long as the strings are resting next to each other and not on top of each other it should be fine...some grommet strips/bumper guards dont even have dividers...such as my head flexpoint radicals...

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