Quick BH Question.

What type of backhand should i have?

  • More Pace - Less Consistent...

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  • Less Pace - More Consistent...

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  • Both But Learn When To Use Which...

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Ok, so i've been messing around with my backhand grips for around a month now, and have narrowed it down to two posibilities:

Dominant Hand - Halfway between Eastern and Continental
Other Hand - Same as Above Though More Eastern

Now i like this grip because it gives me some pretty sweet pace on teh ball due to a flatter stroke, i can drive a lot better and hit winners easier, however i am less consistent with it and tend to hit long and not go over the ball.

Dominant Hand - Halfway between Eastern and Continental
Other Hand - Halfway between Eastern and Semi-Western

Now this was the grip i originally used before i started changing, it gives me a loopy topspin stroke with moderate pace and good consistency also i can hit really nice angled balls with the extra spin i can get on the ball. However, hitting winners isn't as easy and there is less pace and depth on the ball.

Now, here are my options.....

Stick with the first one posted above - More Pace, Less Consistent
Stick with the second one posted above - Less Pace More Consistent
Just use them both depending on what situation you're in - Gonna have to decide when is the right time for one and when is good for the other, examples on when?

and vote, i wanna see teh opinions.


Variety can't hurt...

Its also good to be able to hit winners/offensive shots off both wings or else your opponent will have an easy place to put his defensive shots, making your forehand less effective.


There's no reason not to use both, except that it will perhaps take a little longer to master.
However, you'll find in the end you will be glad you put in the time to get both strokes down when you are able to use both to win matches.
Those who hit slice backhands and topspin backhands can tell you that when to use each type of stroke will become as instinctual as hitting a backhand or forehand. You will get to where you don't have to think about the details. You will just decide to drive the ball and your body will take the steps to accomplish that.


Return try
Dominant hand
Continental (no nearly)

Non dominant
Semi western to Xtreme Semi (try it)
you can drive but still have lots of Topspin
(i use it)