Quick hit: YIG Prestige MP & Babo PD


My friend has those for demo, so I had a quick hit with both.
My go-to Prince O3 White was used a s refference point. Note that both of the demo frames were used without dampener.

YIG Prestige MP
Strung with an unknown hybrid, looked like poly in the mains. Very high tension, upper 50' at least, or low 60'.
I was expecting a lower SW version of PT280/630, but boy, was I wrong... No plush feeling, no power, pingy... One thing that was still the same is great directional control. Racquet felt very underpowered, to the extent that it's hard to overhit the base line. That was kind of nice, to swing madly and still land it in. However, I'd get tired playing a match like that...
Feeling was very boardy, probably due to the tight stringbead. No much movement from the strings, either. Smallest sweet spot out of the 3.

Strung with poly in the mains, multi in the crosses. Tension in low 50', I assume. Strings moved a lot and stayed out of position.
This too, had harsher and pingier feel then my O3 White.
Now, this is a special animal... Lots of power, lots of topspin. Hit flat and you are dead, ball flies straight for the fence with great velocity. However, swing fast and up and it goes in (or just around the base line), in a higher arch with tons of spin. Medium size sweet spot. I think that I got the most spin with this frame, out of the 3...

Now lo and behold, my buddy hit the most spin with my O3. I'd be damned...