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Let's say my racket is pretty close to TW numbers. I would like to get the SW between 330-340 without changing the balance. The balance is my favorite part of the racket. The most I would add 1/2 an ounce or 14g.

Can I reach my goal while making sure I keep the balance? OR even better increasing HL by a point or 3?

The math hurt my brain so I'm asking here.:oops:


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well 1g of lead at 12 adds about 3 kg/cm^2 of swingweight if I remember correctly.

Considering your racquet has a swingweight of around 317, you should add 4-7 g of lead at 12 (swingweight of 329-338).

If you add the rest of the 15g (8-11g) in the handle, you should have the same or a more HL balance I'd say.
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Lead is great for changing the weight distribution of a racquet. But even better - IT COMES OFF!

So experiment. You may like it now; but you may try a few iterations and find one you like even better.