QUICK QUESTOIN: what is a "pro set?"


8 game set first to 8 wins im not sure if u have to win by 2 i cant remember i only had to play one once during the season
yes up the 8, tie break at 7-7 I believe, it's been a while since I've played one, heh.

8 game pro sets are how most college tennis teams score their doubles matches. So I wouldn't say its a waste of time exactly.


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Funny - In high school, I had to play a first to 10 games pro-set (with a tie breaker at 10). So I always thought it jsut meant a longer, single set.


There are variations of the pro set, but the pro set is tiebreak at 8-8. Any other type of proset is usable, but must be CLEARLY spelled out in the tournament sheet before the tournament begins.

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I like the pro set concept in a recreational setting. Sometimes I play in a round-robin weekend tournament and the pro set avoids having long 3 setters and gives more people the chance to play in a shorter time frame, and with less waiting. Maybe it's not appropriate for competitive scenarios, but it has it;s uses.
In this type of set, there is "no ad" scoring in which you don't go to ad in, ad out. From what I've seen in person, the purpose of this is to get the players through the set faster.