R.i.p. Tp

Another great gone...

(just goin' from memory)

Originally was the lead voice on the Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes classic hit "If You Don't Know Me By Now" under Kenny Gamble's Philadelphia International label, a label noted for their lush (smooth, heavily orchestrated) arrangements, e.g. Billy Paul's "Mrs. Jones" etc.

Frankie Croker (NY DJ) is welcoming him into heaven as we speak/type. Crocker at WWRL (AM "Black" radio that they gave bandwidth to "down-the-dial" at 1600 ...and later at WBLS-FM, a local NY DJ who promoted many "alt-Motown" artists...his 'payola' issues notwithstanding. FYI- he was the sun-glassed, Oscar Gamble-esqued 'fro' host of Soul Train later on.

Back to Teddy: "Philly Intel" (as it was referred to) put out sumptuous fare. Teddy: an east coast 'Marvin' .... what a shame; guy had to deal with a lot of health-related speed bumps that eventually called it a day for the man....who nevertheless graced the word with his sweeet, smooth 'Philly' voice.

Thanks Teddy. Rest in peace, singin' Prince.