Race For L̶o̶n̶d̶o̶n̶ Turin Back to Normal in 2021

James P

Rankings points, as discussed elsewhere will be on a 24 month basis ending in March, however the Race For Milan will be strictly based on points earned in 2021 per ATP Tour.


How will qualifications be handled for the 2021 Nitto ATP Finals and the 2021 NextGen ATP Finals?
The Race To Turin and the Race To Milan will count all events played in 2021 only. A player’s year-end Race position may not coincide with his FedEx ATP Ranking.


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The strike through was a joke. But that ship has sailed since I misspoke (err, mistyped) Turin for Milan. Big oops.
As explained to FFW, you can simply report your OP and explain the need for an edit by mods of the thread title.

When you said Milan I immediately thought of NextGen, which is still held there.