Race to Number one.

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    As of now

    Nole: 11800
    Fed: 9310
    Rafa: 8420

    Hypothetical (Rafa beats Fed in the FO final)

    Beginning of Wimbledon (Wimby points subtracted)
    Nole: 11800-2000 = 9800
    Fed: 9790-360 = 9430
    Rafa: 10060-1200 = 8860
    Fed F, Nole SF and Rafa SF: Fed is #1, Nole #2, Rafa #3
    Fed F, Nole SF and Rafa W : Rafa #1, Fed #2, Nole #3
    Fed W, Nole F and Rafa SF: Fed is #1, Nole #2, Rafa #3
    Fed W, Nole SF and Rafa F : Fed #1, Nole #2, Rafa #3

    Any other combos and Nole will be #1 at the end of wimbledon.

    Hypothetical (Rafa beats Nole in the FO final)
    Nole: 12280-2000 = 10280
    Fed: 9310-360 = 8950
    Rafa: 10060-1200 = 8860

    Nole has to lose before SF and Fed or Rafa have to win to get #1
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    I dare NOT to dream untill the FO SF is over

    Roger's 480 points are at stake on friday. I really hope he will save them
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    Jun 24, 2010
    Every 52 weeks, the ATP World Tour computer rankings add points earned by players.
    The program also SUBTRACTS points that were earned 52 weeks ago.

    From ATP Offical Rule Book 2012:

    The South African Airways ATP Rankings (singles) or ATP Doubles Rankings period
    is the immediate past 52 weeks, except for:
    * Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, singles and doubles, which is dropped on the
    Monday following the last ATP World Tour event of the following year.
    * Futures Series tournaments that are only entered into the system on the second
    Monday following the tournament’s week.
    Once entered, all tournaments, except for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals,
    remain in the system for 52 consecutive weeks.

    The USTA in classes uses 1 year then zeros out totally ranking points, in other words
    play it again sam.,

    The talk I have read is 2 year period for atp points was put forth, no such luck.

    3fees :)

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