Racket bending

Just a quick thread and hopefully I can get an answer.

I have a Prince Air 0 Cloud.
I hit harder of my forehand side than my back hand and its beginning to bend my racket back.

How can i bet it back.
Ive tried turning the racket round like to the bent side and hit my forehand of it so it might bend back.
Its not like REALLY bent back just slightly.


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i've never had anything like that happen to any of my racquets. maybe you should restring it and make sure that it is actually bent and doesn't just appear to be bent.
I cant understand how I did it.
It thinks it just the way I hit.
Really hard and dead flat really on my FH.

So restring it? It looks JUST slightly to one side. I also think that it might of bent because I use the racket the same way all the time. So everytime I hit a forehand its always on the side thats bent like.
Thanks for your suggestions. =]


I have a feeling that it may have something to do with how you restring it, maybe you are not securing the clamps properly and putting too much pressure on the racquet, etc.

Also, was the racquet second hand, and do you often throw your racquet around?

I doubt the racquet is bending like you are saying just because of your shots, I've never heard of this happening before.

Is, the problem really that bad though, post some pictures showing the extent of the damage.
Well...I never abuse my racket. Of course it has some chips from TRYING to scoop up dropshots etc.
Ive never broken a string so I never found a need to restring ANY of my rackets ever. And the rackets are brand new. I have 3 of them at the moment.
Its not BAD. I was just wondering what caused it thats all.