racket head deformed by klippermate


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Hi all,

I have a Klippermate, which uses a 2 point mounting system. Even I tightened the four nuts along the black rail, the racket was slightly shortened after stringing. So I place a turn buckle at the 2 mounting screws to stop any movement. It works. My racket does not get shortened anymore. However, the racket gets 1/4 inch narrower after stringing the crosses. What should I do?

I had a similar experience with my Klipper while stringing oversized frames(107 sq in and over). Perhaps the mounts slipped or buckled underload - I ended up with a racquet that was more "round" than "oval". Luckily this did not have any permanent effects on the frame and they returned to normal when I cut the strings out. I now use an inexpensive clamp across the top of the frame. It allows me to finish the mains and a little less than half of the crosses before I have to remove the clamp to finish the rest of the string job. I have not had any deformations or 'shortening' of the frame since.

Zero issues stringing mid and midplus frames without a "cross clamp" so it's strange you had issues with a 95 frame.

Did you make sure that the mounting points were actually touching the inside of your frame? I usually tighten one mount, the pull the other one like I'm 'pre-tensioning' the top of the frame along the main before I tighten down the second mount.


I've strung close to a thousand frames on my Klippermate including many oversize frames and never had any distortion. I regularly strung a Wimbledon Boron stick that was very thin beamed and 118 sq inches at 72 lbs without any distortion as well. Ensure that the frame is securely mounted by pulling the mounting plates on top of the two black arms firmly outwards to ensure the plates are snuggly pressed against the inside of the frame at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions. Then tighten the two wing nuts to ensure the arms are locked in place. Good
Iuck and don't string the crosses massively lower in tension than the mains.


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Softer material frames will distort
some cheaper aluminum rakets will do this more and/or where never meant to be restrung
proper mounting and/or tension awareness is crucial to minimize the distortion