Racket in hot car?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by jefferson, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. jefferson

    jefferson Semi-Pro

    Apr 8, 2008
    I keep hearing that keeping your sticks in your car can damage the frame. Is there any truth to this?
    Does it matter if it is winter or summer? Hot or cold? I have left my sticks in my cars forever. I bring them in to string and to play and that is about it. I have only cracked one frame, nblade. First serve on the throat. Other than that I have never had an issue with leaving stick in car.
    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. MrAWD

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    Apr 16, 2006
    Reading, MA
    I was told that the main affect of heat is loosening up your stings faster then it would by just playing them here and there! I don't think that heat/cold has much effect to the frames, but that is just me!

  3. PimpMyGame

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    Nov 2, 2006
    Your nBlade crack on the throat is common with these rackets, so almost certainly nothing to do with leaving in the car. There are some people on this forum who say you should treat your rackets like children or pets, i.e. don't leave them in a very hot or very cold car.

    My rackets live in my car most of the time, but living in the UK means virtually no extremities of weather to worry about.
  4. anirut

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    Feb 26, 2005
    Krungthep (Bangkok), Siam (Thailand)
    When I want to loosen the strings ... (without hot water) ...

    I leave the racket in the trunk.

    The heat won't really affect the racket as its manufacture is about twice (if not thrice) the heat of leaving the racket in the trunk.

    Well, I'm talking about Bangkok heat.

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