Racket location in hand during serve...

I would like to focus on one particular point in time of a serve.
On the take-back of the racket during serve, when the racket head has reached its lowest point and is just about to begin its upward movement, the wrist is fully cocked.

Are you supposed to have the racket handle touching the palm of your hand at this point,
or should it not touch and just be suspended by your fingers?
Are you asking because you're concerned about grip tightness or something else?
It's a different reason.
I very seldom use a conventional first serve.
Most of the time I serve two "second serves".

The reason is because of a tennis elbow injury that I had many years ago.
I find that if I serve "first serves", in a very short time I start feeling pain in my elbow.

As I was swinging some new rackets (no balls), checking them out, I tried a "first serve" motion and noticed as I was cocking my wrist that I could maintain contact with the racket and palm of my hand, or I could release the racket completely from the palm of my hand.

I'm just wondering what most players do? I thought perhaps this extra whip action (release from palm) could give me more power and less pain at my elbow.
Don't release from palm. I've seen that directly cause hand injuries.

If you're getting elbow pain then fix your technique.


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What if you try an in between, like in that whipping post, where the butt of the racquet is in the middle of your palm or something like that?
If you're not strong enough for the racquet it can make correct technique impossible
It could be. I can handle the racket at hip position, but when I place it over my head in fully-extended position, the only stroke that doesn't cause immediate discomfort in my elbow is a slice serve.
If I whip the racket with my wrist I can hit a good flat serve 50% of the time, but I pay for it dearly with elbow pain.