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    May 17, 2008
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    I own two Head MicroGEL Radical MP rackets that I purchased towards the very end of this July. One works perfectly, but the other seems to have a defect. During one-handed shots with relatively high racket speeds, the grip seems to squeak. It almost feels like on a very small scale, the racket un-straightens at some point near the high-middle of the grip, and bends a little because it cannot withstand the pace. If you just hold the racket from the bottom of the grip, and move the racket up and down, you can cleary feel something wrong.
    The other racket is totally fine. I felt this since the first couple days of purchasing the racket, but I assumed it would go away. However, since this problem is clearly not improving, I strongly hope that the company's warranty would cover this. Coaches I have shown my racket to said that it should definitely be replaced by the company, as it is quite interfering with the feel and the crispness of shots. So, I am wondering what I should do.
    Should I send the racket back? Will it be covered by the warranty?


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