racket's and strings...


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Hi Guys....
Love this one.
I use a 4DAero300 with STBite 16 at 47 lbs.
I cannot imagine why I'm still a 4.0 level player using this equipment! I should change my racket, strings, tension, so I can proceed to 5.0 levels of play.
And maybe if I find the perfect string, I might play at the 5.5 levels.
And maybe if my shoes were faster, I'd run like the wind!
What? YOU say I'm playing the same no matter what changes I make in my gear? What, you're not American and don't want to spend more mon?


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change racket first, then strings, then overgrip, then trainers (sneakers) then wrist band

If that doesn't result in improvement, get some lessons.


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I'm afraid to ask, I really am....be brave, be brave....

What's swing weight 2 and is there a thread I can read about it and lose brain cells?


Don't forget about mri value of pro rackets. After SW2 you adjust mri value.
With the correct SW2 and mri value corrected for wrist band usage you get Nadal spin.


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I no longer use Yonex frames, long story. I got the black 25th Anniversary Prestige Midplus. Nice rackets, they have the TB1 setup lol.


What's MRI? Different from MMI?
It is some physics stuff that measured how the racket swings around your body. You need SW2 and exact length of your arm. And it can be thrown off by wrist bands. So you need to account for the weight of wrist bands.