Rackets that play similar to Wilson Clash 100


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For a long time I played with a Pure Aero and I love the spin but could never hit the ball freely because my balls would sail long too often. Then I tryed a Wilson Clash 100 and got hooked! With low powered strings it really fits my game, It is so easy to maneuver that I can really whip the stick and completelly release my arm not worry too much about hitting long! I would argue I can probably generate more spin with the Clash than the PA beacause I can release the arm!

From my understanding the clash is made for confort but I have no issues with stiff rackets so maybe I could get some extra benefits if I compromise on the confort department!

What I am really looking for in a new racket:
- As manueverable and whipy as the Clash 100
- Same ammount of spin I get from the Clash 100
- Hit the ball with confidence without being afraid to hit long (My problem with the PA)

About me:
- Between semi to full western Forehand / 2h Backhand (like to hit BH with spin as well)
- I love hitting deep and powerfull shots from the baseline
- Love/Hate relationship with short balls
- Hate going to the net
- About 4.0 player

In short, I am looking for recommendations for a racket that plays similar to the Clash 100 for someone who has no problem playing with stiffer rackets


I’m with the clash but not planning to change due to comfort. Out of interest which string are you using ?

Not sure the racket you describe exist !


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I am using TierOne Black Knight! I love those strings and reduced the amount of errors. It is deader and more precise than my previous strings: Solinco Hyper-G!
I am really hopping there is a racket out there that playes the same as Clash but replaces confort with something else :)


Blade 98 or vcore pro 97 310 - these two are whippy with swing weight under 320. And, stable due to the mass behind these sticks


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I already had my eye on the Blade 98 16/19! The VCore 97 could be too much for me going from size 100 all my life down to 97 :S
But I will research more about those 2! Thank you for your sugestions!


the Gravity MP is a plush racket that has a lot of control.

also the VCP 100 might be better than the 97 (if looking for clash 100 style)


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Honestly it sounds weird but I find the prince vortex 300g to be very similar to the clash. And when it goes on sale for $69 it’s a no brainer.


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@Kebradv - The Clash 100 is a bit of unicorn -- a very soft-flexing, wide beam, open pattern, spin/power tweener, that pockets very deeply and is very head-light (7pts strung). All things combined, there's not much else on the market that's exactly like it:

That being said, if the Clash does have any downsides, it's that 1) the string bed tends to be a bit erratic, 2) it lacks enough counter-punching thuddy-ness due to so much flex/pocketing, and 3) the feel is pretty muted/muffled. If any of those areas are pain points for you, then here are some frames that will still be soft (<=63RA stiffness), offer good spin and power, but have a more predictable response and better feel:

- Head Speed MP
- Prince ATS Tour 100 290
- Prince RipCord 100 280 w/ customization (weight in handle, a bit on the hoop)
- Yonex VCore 98
- Yonex VCore Pro 100

Blade 98 or vcore pro 97 310
Compared to a Clash 100, they're too low-powered, the Blade too head-heavy, and IMHO both will simply make tennis harder than it needs to be.


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Shouldn't feel too soft with that setup, but you can increase tension...
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