rackets used by Althea Gibson


does anyone knnow what specific racket models were used by Althea Gibson to win her major championships? i know she ptimarily used Harry C Lee and may have used Slazengers but i have been unable to determine the models used.


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awhile back i ran across a hary c lee racket on the bay that had althea's name on it. i believe it was a version of the dreadnaught driver sorry i can't be of any more help than that.

i did find a book that has a pix of her on the cover holding her rackets. "the match: althea gibson and a portrait of a friendship".


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Does anyone have a Harry C Lee racket for sale, preferably one used by Althea Gibson? Did see a post where someone said they had a number used by her.


It's cool that somebody interested in Althea's racquets. I read a book about her several lifes ago. She was a great person and athlete.