Rackets with longer grip/handle


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I have larger hands and I now converted to double handed backhand. With my current racket (Wilson Blade 98 v6) I can't fit my hands on the grip, my top hand index finger is already on the frame.
Do you have suggestions for rackets with longer grip that would solve this issue?


27.5" sticks have a longer handle usually, you'll get the power and more on serve however swingweight will go up. With the Wilson Blade you can extend the handle quite easily with an XTP butt cap for a few bucks and see how it works with your current racquet

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any tweener frame will have a handle designed for 2hbh, but if you like the blade the v7 has a longer handle than the 6.


There is nothing to stop you from wrapping a longer grip on the frame. [Well, there is the area where the shaft starts to split, but that is a few inches above where a normal handle stops.] You do not have to stop where the manufacturer stops. You can do this for the cost of a replacement grip. The end result may be ugly, but who cares if it works. :eek: