racquet adjustment: opens new dimensions to my game

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by crash1929, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. crash1929

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    Mar 14, 2008
    As I've posted I took all the led tape of my babolat pure drive plus (5yrs old or so) and took the overgrip off. I'm hitting better than ever. I've noticed I'm now able to hit a short- sharply angled cross court bh that pulls my oppenent off the court. this shot has really opened up new opportunities for me. there is one retriever at my club who is super athletic and tall and usually has no trouble getting to every ball. now i'm actually running him wide with the bh then i hit a deep cross court and then the other way again.....sometimes even a drop shot..... i'm making him loose his breath! like aggassi I'm giving him a beat down. great feeling!! ha ha ha the ball is actually bouncing several times on his side of the court now.

    i wonder if i could hit the same shot w the fh....it hasn't happened naturally yet like the bh one did but something to think about anyway...

    problem is the change was a shock to my system and my elbow got tweeked. its better now but I hope this is just a temporary adjustment.
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    The trend is toward smaller handles for some of the reasons you mentioned - Nadal, for example uses a 1/4.

    However, watch the elbow and do some simple strength exercises to help. Small piece of closet pole with a short rope and a SMALL weight at the end (like 2 lbs). Keeping your arms straight out in front of you and parallel to the floor wind the rope onto the closet pole (obliviously, the rope/string has to be attached to the pole). Do this going up and down maybe ten times a couple of times/day. If it hurts at all, STOP. You CANNOT do this if your elbow is still sore - rest and then try it.
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    Feb 13, 2009
    The smaller grip means your forearm muscles have to contract a little more just to hold the racquet, and the lighter frame means it will be your arm that has to absorb more of the shock of impact.
    After a period of rest, do you plan to strengthen your forearm musculature more with more wrist curls or using a Flexbar/hand gripper?

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