Racquet and top spin


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Hi All,

This is my first post, and I look forward to hearing from the TT community.

I had been somewhat a non-believer that racquet can provide different spin and change someone's game drastically. I do understand string pattern, swing weight, etc. makes a difference as well, however I never delved into the specifics. The player's fundamentals, swing path and timing will matter more in generating spin and penetration.

I have only started tennis for about 7 years, and using Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) and Head Graphene Speed Pro (18x20). My shots generally have a good clearance of the net, but does not bounce high and lacks penetration.

Recently, I had the chance to try Yonex Ezone I98, since my string broke on my current racquet. Surprising, my friends were commenting that my shots now have greater penetration, which bounces towards them and higher above the shoulder. The shots feels heavier with top spin. From my end, I do feel the shots are different upon contact.

Both racquets were with the same string Babolat RPM blast, though tension may be different.

So my questions are:-
1) Comparing the racquets, does it make sense that Yonex racquet was able to create such an effect to the shots? If so, what was the factor? (really had no idea)

2) Is graphene speed pro supposedly a racquet that provides more spin? Or graphene speed pro is too high a level of racquet for me to use, and rely more on player to generate the racquet head speed for top spin and power, while Yonex ezone is more an intermediate racquet thus more user friendly?

3) Between Yonex VCORE and Ezone racquet, what are the main differences?

Appreciate you folks to take some time in helping me out.



You might be getting a little higher trajectory and a little more spin from the more open string pattern and wider beam. i98 has decent SW but not as high as blade.

I would think the i98 will also have trade off too - is it as precise as the blade or other 18x20? Do you have as much feel with i98?

Yes, racket can make a difference but I agree with you that spin, depth, pace, ... are primarily a function of the player and not the racket.

You didn't say what tension of rpm blast you use but you could probably get a little more liveliness from a 17G string if you are using 16G, and/or dropping tension a little without changing rackets. Or, you could use 16G gut mains with a 17G or 16G smooth poly cross and probably get a bit more liveliness out of you 18x20s. Multi mains with poly cross would be similar to gut/poly too but not quite as good.

If you want to switch frames, you might want to demo a few 16x19 patterns before you switch. My view is to just get a racket that is "reasonable" for you level and game style and then stick with it as technique is the most important factor and not the frame.


I don't have experience with the ezone or vcore so I cannot help you there. i98 sounds reasonable from a "specs" perspective and their are lots of people who like it.


try the graphene Speed MP. I guarantee you'll be able to tell the difference between it and that Pro.


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I think the string pattern makes a big difference. All other things equal, an 18x20 is not going to spin the ball like a 16x19. Then there are the enhanced spin frames. They do in fact, enhance the production of spin.


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Thanks guys for the replies.

The racquets were strung as such:-
Yonex Ezone AI98 : RPM Blast 58lb
Graphene Speed Pro : RPM Blast 52lb
Blade 98 : X-one biphase 55lb

I did not have much hitting time to test out the control from AI98. Will sure to try out over the next few weeks.
Took a sudden interest in Yonex racquet now, and surprised to see a huge following of the brand.

I did try my friend's Wilson Six.One 95S Spin racquet, but found the shots lacking plow through or sort of "sits" there.

Made some comparison of racquets, maybe I should be going for a more open string pattern or racquets suited for intermediate with "low-medium" power.


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Spin, power are more a result of how you hit the ball then with the racquet. However, some racquets are more conducive to these types (spin) of shots then others. And more importantly the string and tension are, its 50/50 string and racquet. Best to find a racquet you have good feel with and work on different stringing till you have the combination that works. The feel (how heavy, stiff, loose) of the racquet is what is important as a hitter, and once you have this down you can get the shots you want.


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If all things are equal; weight, string pattern/tension, strings, then you'll notice the launch angle will change.

Based upon what you shared, the tension was higher in the Yonex which I would normally equate to a lower launch angle of the ball and more penetrating ball flight. I've just purchased a new racquet and I'm trying to dial in the string tension that'll work best for me game. I've taken them to play at about 5lbs apart and the difference is very noticeable. I've been taking them for hitting sessions against the wall to find the sweet zone. With the opportunity to switch back and forth quickly I get to see the difference immediately.

My guess is you could change tension in your racquet(s) and get similar results to the Yonex.