Racquet Bag got Cat Peed on


I have a random question. I have a sweet old Wilson bag that I love. Kinda hard to see but it's this white one Federer had at Wimbledon 2004 (I think the first nCode bag?): https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/...rt-during-a-news-photo/51019179?adppopup=true

Anyways my mother in laws cat peed on it and I can't get the smell out. I love this bag and want to try to get the smell out and not have to get rid of it. Any thoughts on how to do this? Happened to anyone before and able to fix it?



White vinegar will help with the smell. It'll smell a little funky (like BO) when you spray it on but if you let it air out overnight (or several hours), the BO smell will go away.


Have you tried the pet solutions? nature's miracle for example, not sure how it technically works but i think it's supposed to bond with the pee and you can wipe it off... one go might not be enough but i do use it regularly on fabric, i have an older cat who leaks small amounts


Years ago, when I was in the USPTA, and getting freebies from Wilson, I got a very nice six-pack bag from them. The vinyl was as nice and soft as leather. It was a great bag.
And yes, the cat peed on it. I ended up discarding it, sadly.
It was the wife's cat. Ten years later, I discarded the wife.
See a trend here? : )


Try pet spray or urine cleaners diluted. Also the arm and hammer carpet pet deodorizer could be good. Sprinkle in, vacuum out.


Cat pee is the worst. Vinegar and baking soda are your best option, and their not a very good option. Probably time for a new bag!


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If the bag fell into a overused composting toilet for about 2 weeks, would you try to save it?

Yeah, this is about the same situation.


ever since I moved to a 15 racquet bag, i've never looked back. I only have like 4-5 racquets with me but the space is very usable for all sorts of things, like grips, strings, balls, shoes, snacks, phone, wallet, water bottles, etc.


Try a product called Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator. I use it on my sneakers. Really good at eliminating odors.

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Same thing happened to me, my cat peed on my vintage Wilson bag. I was so mad, I tossed it outside in the middle of the yard. A few days after it started snowing and the bag remained under the snow for the next 4 months. I forgot about it and when the snow finally melted it still smelled awful and I threw it out.