Racquet Bumper Guard Tape


That's what the bumper guard on racquets is made for. It already protects the racquet, unless you don't know what you're doing and are scratching the racquet way too much outside the bumper guard. When the bumper guard gets worn down, before you dig into the graphite, just replace the bumper guard/grommet strip.
I agree with you, in a sense. I want to not have to replace the grommet so often. Some of my racquets are older and finding the grommets are near to impossible. If I do find them the price is WAY too high. I guess my point it mostly to the people that use the court as their runway to hit a ball with. As I mentioned some racquets I have seen have horrible court rash into the graphite itself. Even a new grommet will not cover that racquet damage. My question to them is "Why not put some head guard tape on it?" At least to get more from the price of the racquet when you sell it.