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Hi, first post on here so I hope I'm posting in the right section.

I'm a college player and I play with the Head Radical MP (16x19), but recently tested a Wilson Blade 18x20. I have very loopy topspin groundstrokes, so I have never had a good relationship with 18x20 patterns, but really enjoyed the angles and control I felt I got with the Blade, it made my serve and volleys the strongest element of my game, when they're usually my problem area. I played well against softer hitting players, when I had more time, but when I played my teammates I could not keep a single groundstroke in court, and was pushed around, it just felt like the racquet went stiff and dead and had 0 spin to help me out. I was just wondering if you had any string recommendations and tensions to make the 18x20 feel a little more like my usual 16x19, to soften up the sweet spot more please?

Again sorry if this is posting in the wrong section.

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What string and tension are you using in the Head Radical? What was the string tension you tested the Wilson Blade 98 18x20? This can help me give accurate recommendation.

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Hi Brittany,

I have used Prince synthetic and a couple of polys all strung at either 52lbs or 56lbs in the Radical MP.

The Blade it was strung with synthetic gut at 48lbs mains and 46lbs in the crosses the first time, then RPM Blast at 58lbs mains and crosses.

I know that's quite a jump but I did the latter based on advice from a teammate who uses that setup. It felt super 'plush' the second time but I don't know if that setup will give me better spin or not? It just felt like it didn't offer me anything either way...no comfort or power from being lower than I usually string and no control from being higher than I would have liked to string it.
I just want to get that 'plush' feel from the racquet but as much spin as I can to help rein in my forehands with it, which hit the fence most often. I'd like to think I'm a power player (to excuse the long balls) but I have heard that stringing super low is the new thing to get more spin? I know you have to string 18x20 lower to open up the sweet spot but I'm a beginner when it comes to string experimentation so have no idea really, any advice is welcome!

Thanks very much for your help!